Chello + TriZetto Provider Solutions Aim to Transform Medical Practice Funding

Chello launches funding engine and cash flow intelligence tool to support medical practices nationwide

In partnership with TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company, Chello’s solution is built to empower small and medium-sized businesses.

Chello, a first-of-its-kind funding engine and cash flow management tool, announces its launch as a banking solution that integrates directly with healthcare practice claims and payment data to provide quicker access to funding than traditional banks. Chello helps bridge the gap between business owners and their finances, giving them a smarter way to manage and fund their day-to-day needs.

Alongside fast access to working capital, Chello brings business owner's most critical practice metrics into a single dashboard. This includes built-in revenue insights, a daily cash flow score, and 90-day-forward-looking cash flow projections. With Chello, practices can readily answer the questions “How am I doing today?” and “When is the best time to access funding?”, so that owners and staff can get back to what matters most, patient outcomes.

We designed Chello to act as a medical practice’s trusted go-to, letting them know both when and why it may be the right time to access funding,” said Zachary Kelly, Head of Growth for Chello. “Chello’s unique algorithm makes it quick and easy for practices to access the right amount of funding at the best possible rate, within a day*, rather than having to wait on endless reviews and approvals, like in a traditional banking scenario.”

“We’re bringing efficiency and creativity into the healthcare practice funding equation to help businesses better compete,” said Ganesh Kumar, Chief Strategy Officer for Chello. “The key differentiator is the understanding of claims and payments flows, which allows Chello to be two-steps-ahead on both cash flow predictions and the accuracy of our underwriting.”

In collaboration with its inaugural partner, TriZetto Provider Solutions, a Cognizant company, Chello is excited to bring its platform to Cognizant’s practice clients.

“Cognizant’s inclusion of Chello in our offering provides an added benefit for our customers in their day-to-day workflows and allows us to continue to be on the forefront of innovation – making practice management easier and more efficient,” said Tom Galle, General Manager, TriZetto Provider Solutions. “If we can help our clients solve cash flow concerns they may have, or assist them in growing their businesses, that’s a win for everyone involved.”

We’re proud to have been a part of this unique, cross-industry collaboration between Chello and Cognizant’s Banking and Healthcare practices, which resulted in an innovative banking solution for providers,” said Meera Krishnamurthy, the Head of Banking and Financial Services for Cognizant. “Our teams were engaged at every step of the process, from strategy, design and target-state blueprinting, all the way to independent software vendor selection, implementation and launch – all with the end goal to support Chello’s customers with an efficient solution to their challenges.”

Ultimately, with Chello’s unique connection to healthcare industry specific data, powered by claims and payments insights, access to funding becomes quicker, easier and more efficient for practices looking to grow and thrive, especially in turbulent times. Initially, Chello is focused on serving small to medium-sized medical practices but has plans to expand its audiences in the future.

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About TriZetto Provider Solutions

TriZetto Provider Solutions keeps a pulse on your medical practice so that you can focus on providing exceptional care. TriZetto Provider Solutions aims to simplify the business of healthcare. By combining intuitive products and customer-focused services with in-depth industry knowledge, they provide complete revenue cycle management services to empower their clients to succeed.

Fueled by Cognizant, their collective expertise and global reach allows for endless possibilities to work with our clients to transform healthcare.

About Chello

Chello was created to bridge the gap between business owners and their finances. It’s a first-of-its-kind, insight-driven, funding engine that integrates with industry software to provide quicker access to funding than traditional banks. Chello delivers unique value to underserved US market segments – from solo practitioners to small and medium-sized businesses. Chello is a division and trademark of Oriental Bank.

*Subject to Chello's underwriting parameters and an onboarding process completed during normal business hours.  Chello’s funding engine (line of credit) is subject to credit approval. Terms and conditions may apply. Chello is a division of Oriental Bank, Member FDIC.

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